Healthcare Marketing Lists

Achieve Your Healthcare Marketing Goals with SK&A Data

“It really pays back to go with a company that verifies [healthcare] contacts.” – Katy Dowd, Director of Marketing, Simpler Consulting

The SK&A healthcare marketing database brings you over 770,000 physician contacts at over 276,000 office locations, 237,000 hospital decision makers, 170,000 pharmacists, and many more healthcare providers and professionals. These lists are telephone-verified by SK&A’s team of 105 Research Associates. Data for 2.1 million healthcare professionals are maintained by the team, ensuring that they are up to date and accurate.

Allow SK&A to Clean Up Your Existing Data List

Many healthcare marketers already have an in-house database of contacts, but how accurate is it? Unless you have a full-time staff of researchers monitoring the data on a daily basis, chances are it’s out of date. SK&A can compare your healthcare marketing database to its own reliable database, which is constantly updated within the SK&A Research Center. Have us correct or add to your list, and save yourself the hassle of dealing with the effects of wrong data in your marketing campaigns.

SK&A Data Allows You to Reach to Your Target Audience by a Variety of Channels

The SK&A healthcare marketing database has delivered excellent marketing results to many clients. Our major clients use SK&A data for sophisticated marketing campaigns that include email, direct mail and telemarketing.

Accuracy That’s 100-Percent Guaranteed

You’ve probably had undeliverable mailers come back after campaigns with other data providers. Usually those mailers mean wasted budget dollars, but not with SK&A. We guarantee all of the contacts on our primary mailing lists will reach their targets, and if for some reason that doesn’t happen, we will reimburse you for those mailers that were returned.

SK&A is the Only Healthcare Data Provider That Can Bring You All of These Benefits:

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